A step-by-step guide to accomplishing your 2021 goals

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I LOVE New Years. Love. It. Live for it. I fully accept that it’s an arbitrary date, but there is something so hopeful about dressing in obnoxious sparkly sequins and clinking glasses half-filled with cheap champagne while waving goodbye to the past.

Especially when that past is 2020.

One of the most hopeful parts of a new year sits in the promise of the “new you.” Before I stopped setting resolutions, I did it religiously for fifteen years. …

Photo by William Iven on Unsplash

We’re approaching a new year, and thank the Universe for that. In businesses of all sizes, detailed 2021 plans are emerging. Budgets are being negotiated. Priorities are being reordered. It’s an exciting, stressful time.

At this point, you probably have a plan for at least Q1 of 2021 (Jan-March) for your business. If not, don’t worry — you still have a day (and if it’s a little late, no biggie).

My marketing clients all have different intensities when it comes to planning. Some spend all of December really digging in. Others have a one-sheeter with goals and outlines.

But regardless…

Kaboom Pics

Hint: I haven’t written a book.

I grew up with the vision of becoming the starving (albeit fulfilled) writer. You know the type: she’s sipping whiskey (or vodka, in my case) and chugging coffee, thrashing through writer’s block with minimal food, pulling her hair out between drags of cigarette, ignoring her friends because she’s too busy dumping her soul onto the paper, with hopes of being the next Pulitzer Prize winner. So poetic, right?

Ha. Hahahahahahahaha. Cute, Bry.

Now that I make my living writing, I know this romanticized and tortured vision is not reality. Not even close.

Here’s a…

I worked a trade show in Dallas, Texas this weekend. Whenever I have downtime at a show, I tour the booths. Most trade show wanderers are prowling for swag, but as a minimalist, stashing stress balls and keychains just makes my heart beat fast — and not in a good way. I avoid tchotchkes at all costs.

So what am I doing as I walk the aisles of the convention center avoiding your branded baseball caps?

I’m judging your marketing messaging.

Bry Larrea

Lover of early mornings. I tell stories for the screen and on stage. For collaboration or inquiries, brylarrea@gmail.com

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